About Me


From a very young age I have been passionate about make up! I used to love to watch my mum apply hers and i’d save up all of my pocket money to go and buy makeup and then spend hours practicing looks from magazine covers in front of the mirror!

I hassled all of my friends and family to let me practice on them which has lead me to where I am today!

I began my career in the Beauty Industry over 10 years ago, obtaining a Make Up Artist Diploma and also a Beauty Therapy NVQ Qualification.

I have gone onto train with OPI nails and leading make up brands Laura Mercier and MAC Cosmetics. I have also assisted at London Fashion week working with celebrity Make Up Artist Louise Young.

I use a variety of make up brands including, Chanel and Laura Mercier but my favourite is MAC Cosmetics. I can relate to their motto which is “All ages. All races. All sexes.” which is why their make up is so popular and designed to be accessible to all.